Can design foster creativity?


Ennead Architects  |  Manhattan, Kansas  |  Fall 2014 to Spring 2015

Partners: Tomas Rossant and Kevin McClurkan

The project is a $70 MM, 200,000 sqft renovation and expansion of the existing Seaton Hall, the building for the College of Architecture, Planning and Design at Kansas State University. I spent my year at Ennead on this expedited project, completing preliminary design through a completed construction document set. Ennead acted as the design architect, and BNIM was the architect of record. Our integrated Revit collaboration helped to speed up the process tremendously, and we completed design on schedule.

The building is a pronounced connection between two rusticated limestone buildings. Mechanics Hall and Seaton East both have a lot of character and weight. To connect them, we created a honed limestone wrapper that floats, sitting on a concrete base. For SD and DD, we were the design leads on all aspects (interior and exterior). After DD, we focused on the exterior detailing, while BNIM took over the interior scope. Both of us worked with the various consultants to push the design and while it was a hard push, we were able to complete 3 coherent phases (SD, DD and CD) over the course of my year there.